About CPE

CPE, Somerset West, is a 4-week module in which participants engage not with text books or lecture notes but with a disciplined and supervised reflection on the real life experiences with people who are hurting – what we call the living human document. Out of an intense involvement with persons in need, feedback from peers and supervisors, the participants develop new awareness of themselves as persons and of the needs of others.

The main focus of CPE is helping participants to build on and develop their ability to be of help in a pastoral situation. Opportunities will be arranged for you to visit hospital patients in some kind of crisis and to learn from these experiences by writing reports and by guided reflection on them. This process helps develop the participants to build on and develop their ability to be fully present to and engaging in the present moment. While others are involved, the programme is primarily about oneself.

The Essential Elements in CPE:
*   a specific time period (4 weeks)
*   the actual practice of ministry to persons
*   detailed reporting and evaluation of that practice
*   pastoral supervision
*   a process conception of learning
*   a small group of peers in a common learning experience

Program Expectations
In the curriculum, half the time is dedicated to actual practice of ministry and in the other half the participants are involved in interpersonal group work, role play, didactics on the practice of ministry and personal reflections which are written daily and given to the supervisor once a week.

  • Pastoral Diary’s (record of daily visits to patients) are recorded and handed in on a weekly basis. Accountability is fundamental.
  • Participants are expected to present verbatims throughout the program.
  • Interpersonal relational (IPR) sessions are held once a week.
  • Participants take it in turn to lead worship.
  • Participants, on a daily rota basis are responsible for the kitchenette.
  • Each participant will be allocated a 1:1 supervisor.

Various input sessions will be covered, namely: Listening – Story listening – Genogram – Anger – Self-Esteem – Conflict – Bereavement – Forgiveness – Natural Healing Curve – Levelsof communication to name a few.
Workshops will help the participants engage in the various social and humanistic issues facing people.
Various outing may take place to significant places of interest around the greater Cape Town Area.

Participation in CPE is strenuous and demanding. Full attendance at the programme is expected. As the pro gramme is full-time, it is important that you have no other commitments during the period of the course.




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